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Root-Centric Revolution: Advanced Autoponics Receives Notice of Allowance for Innovative Hydroponic and Aeroponic System

Updated: Jan 26

We are thrilled to share the news that Advanced Autoponics has been granted a notice of allowance for our hydroponic and aeroponic patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In an industry where hydroponic technology typically centers on the foliage, our patent stands out by prioritizing a vital aspect of plant health—the roots. Our innovative technology facilitates the cultivation of multiple larger plants within our system that utilizes one set of sensors. The system's design itself has the remarkable ability to create a homogenous root environment for all plants within the system. A distinctive feature directs root growth into designated wells, underscoring our commitment to plant automation with a core emphasis on the root environment. Notably, our system allows growers to switch between aeroponics and hydroponics at any time. This patent marks a significant advancement for Advanced Autoponics in redefining efficient and resource-conscious plant cultivation.

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