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Image by Brock DuPont

Why Advanced Autoponics?

Strawberries Photos
Germination Ico

Hydroponics or Aeroponics Flexibility

Seamlessly transition between growing methods of your choice


Adjustable Root Water Level

No reliance on external drip systems


Seeds or Clones Convenience

No external germination or cloning required; simply insert your clone or seed


Data Collection for Precision

Enhance and fine-tune your growing process with valuable data


Robust, Redundant Design for Reliability

Maintain plant health even in the event of part failures

Mint Photo

Set it & forget it


Ensuring Optimal Conditions for Germination and Growth


Unique Root Zone Management

Engineered for Large Plants, Promoting Uninterrupted Growth while Preventing Obstacles


Oxygen +

Tailored Oxygen Supply for Every Plant, Reducing Root Diseases and Enhancing Growth


Plug N Play

Quick Effortless Installation and Startup


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